Falling For A Hustler 3: A Benton Harbor Love Story
Title : Falling For A Hustler 3: A Benton Harbor Love Story
Author : Jerniqua K

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After Brick's plan to teach Lyric a lesson backfires, he finds himself struggling with the fact that she may lose her life behind his actions. Blaming Yandy for even putting him in that situation, he vows that he won't rest until he has her in his grasp.Afraid for her life, Journee packs up and leaves Michigan once and for all. Though things aren't going so well with the move, she begins taking things one day at a time as she tries to get her life back on track. Just when things are starting to look up, she receives a phone call that will forever change her life. The question is ... will it be worth stepping back into Benton Harbor after Brick's warning?Growing paranoid over Lyric's shooting, Yandy finally tells Roderic the truth about what she's done, and hopes like hell that he'll have her back. When Brick starts looking for her, and Roderic is nowhere to be found, she knows that if she doesn't find a way to get out of Benton Harbor, she's as good as dead. Dominic begins to get so caught up in his new life that he rarely has time for Destiny, who is growing bored with their relationship. After begging him to leave the streets alone and getting the same results, she begins to question her love for him. Just when she's about to give them another chance, Jaeden, Tyriq's younger brother, appears in her life and shows her everything she's been missing with Dom. Now she doesn't know if she should stick it out with Dom, or try something new.One thing remains the same: Life is never dull when you fall for a hustler.