Stay Loyal
Title : Stay Loyal
Author : Empress Simone

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India Perini has always focused her attentions on maintaining the love of her children’s father, Veontrae Simmons. However, as time and life passes them by she is faced with the stark reality that Veontrae wasn’t all that he seemed. His thirst for extra-sexual encounters, including those with her own family but excluding India, are the cause for his spiral and depression. He takes his ill feelings for himself and externalizes them onto the one woman who loves him more than she loves herself. India becomes Veontrae’s victim of lust, infidelity and domestic violence.After trying hard to make things work she can no longer take any more of his abuse. India makes a great escape to a life of tranquility and harmony. She now lives for her new love and blended family with Chance Myers and his daughter Marley. Their love is tested in the worst way as India now becomes a victim once again to Veontrae’s wild side, consisting of same sex romances.Find out how everything unfolds, including if Chance and India’s newly established romance can withstand the perils of Veontrae’s down lo-ism and extra-curricular activities.