Romantic Comedy: The Billionaire's Snow Date
Title : Romantic Comedy: The Billionaire's Snow Date
Author : Mia Caldwell

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A Lighthearted Romantic Comedy Interracial Love Story in the Snow from Mia CaldwellFresh from college and already having landed her dream job at City & Sky, sexy but sweet Jamaicka Grant can’t believe that she’s the one to get tapped to go on assignment halfway around the globe to photograph the idyllic and world class Glacier Bluff Hotel tucked away in the Scandinavian Alps. It’s a gig that others would die for, but that’s exactly what she’s afraid of. She’s going to get out there in the snow and ice and she’s going to die! Accident prone even walking down the street, she’s willing to risk it to keep her job. And that is what’s on the line—her job!Handsome stranger to the rescue…Worth billions, Kynon Morrison is one of the world’s richest bachelors—and one of the busiest. He alone among his siblings is determined to continue the legacy of overseeing the empire of world class resorts built up by his family. Found in the most beautiful, and sometimes dangerous, locations around the world, spreadsheets, numbers and meetings can only tell Kynon so much about how the resorts are doing. That’s why he’s going on holiday—undercover—at Glacier Bluff Hotel. As a paying guest, he’ll be able to experience a stay at the premiere ski resort in the same way any person would…and then he’ll be able to make any changes needed as the boss.And as the boss, he really wants to know why some inexperienced slope-bunny is on the lift heading straight toward their most dangerous ski trail. Before he can intervene, she takes a tumble that has him going head over heels—for her.To help her save her job, he puts his own on hold and goes from undercover boss to the undercover billionaire as he turns his own life upside down to become everything she needs…right when she needs it.The Billionaire's Snow Date is a snow frosted romantic comedy BWWM & SWIRL interracial romance from Mia Caldwell on the sweet side of steamy.