Is Your Social Recruiting Toast Burning?: The Ultimate Talent Acquisition Guide
Title : Is Your Social Recruiting Toast Burning?: The Ultimate Talent Acquisition Guide
Author : Jeffery Giesener

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We've discounted the price of "Is Your Social Recruiting Toast Burning?" for the next 7 days during our launch! Get your copy now before the price goes up to its normal price of $2.99 on March 4, 2016!The average cost of an open position is $250,000 a year, and it’s up to Talent Acquisition professionals to fill those positions with high quality candidates. Not only that, but they have to prove to their management that the techniques being used will provide a justifiable return on recruiting investment.Recruiters, managers, directors, and hiring departments are still using the same tired techniques, year after year, with dwindling results. This causes more spend on recruiting techniques that work poorly and raises the cost per apply for a company. Isn’t it time to rethink recruiting strategies and consider using social recruiting techniques to find candidates where they are and obtain hires at significantly lower costs?Jeffery Giesener’s "Is Your Social Recruiting Toast Burning?" is a treasure of information for talent acquisition recruiters, managers, directors and C-Suite Executives. It provides recruiting strategies that talent acquisition professionals can use tomorrow to increase their candidate flow and lower their costs per apply.The book is Jeffery’s compilation of experience assisting many companies—big and small—on using Internet and Social media best practices to broadcast company content information and open jobs into engaging channels where candidates search for jobs. Through Jeff’s work, companies create accessible media channels for rich and relevant information that inform and nurture niche, high-quality candidates into pressing “Apply.” The book covers best practices on recruiting candidates through:- Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn as social bases for information broadcast and engagement.- Mobile-Responsive Pages that give candidates the information they need to make career decisions and the ability for candidates to see information through text-based messaging.- Marketing tactics commonly used in Sales and Marketing departments to ‘sell’ your company brand and your open positions.- Other engagement techniques to create conversations with candidates and nurture them towards the “Apply” button.Companies like Toro, Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Saint Elizabeth Healthcare, Cracker Barrel and many others use all of these tactics to lower their dependence on expensive outside recruiting services and increase their flow of high-quality candidates. By creating bases in the platforms where candidates are searching for new careers and making all their company information clear and accessible in the mediums that candidates prefer, they’ve successfully used social recruiting strategies to inform candidates why to work for them and encouraged them to apply.How long can you wait to try Internet and social recruiting strategies that have helped many companies source candidates?How long would you like to continue spending money on tactics with diminishing returns?Learn how other companies thought differently, tried social recruiting strategies, and successfully increased their flow of candidates!