Raising Rabbits: The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Profitable Rabbit Business
Title : Raising Rabbits: The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Profitable Rabbit Business
Author : Riley Carson

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With the meat situation what it is and the economy always unpredictable, now is a great time to start a rabbit business.Because raising rabbits is by far the easiest, most reliable, and most economical way to put good, quality meat on the table -- and a few extra dollars in your pocket. Rabbit meat tastes great and has more nutrition per pound than beef, chicken, pork, or lamb, and has less calories than all of those meats. If you can find this delicacy for sale, usually in upscale grocery chains or expensive mail-order companies, it is typically priced the same as prime beef.There is money in rabbit meat -- you can sell them live or butcher them yourself.But that is not all. Laboratories buy rabbit urine for medical testing. Gardener’s buy the manure. Especially Rose gardener’s because rabbit manure has less acidity than other fertilizers. Worm farmers will buy all the manure you can supply (worm’s love it).Rabbit fur is in demand by the clothing industry, and even the feet can be sold for good luck charms. Rabbits can live almost anywhere. They do not cost much to buy or raise. A rabbit farm won’t make loud noises, doesn’t need a lot of space – urban farmers can build vertically to reduce the square footage needed. Rabbits are easy to maintain – easier than any other domesticated animal.This book will tell you how to get started on a shoestring budget. It covers all phases of a rabbit operation: housing, feeding, breeding and selling. Along with special tips to help the novice that are not mentioned in other books or other guides.Here is just a glimpse of what you will learn inside once you receive your book:- Exactly what kind of rabbit is right for you- Each kind of rabbit and exactly what they are good for- How to make sure you are getting the best possible breed stock- Feeding your rabbits, everything you need to know- How to effectively breed your rabbits to grow your businessPlus, inside this book will learn in detail the different rabbit types, the equipment needed, how to find a reliable rabbit dealer, and so much more to help you determine what is the right path for you and your rabbit business.Enjoy!About the author, Riley E. CarsonRiley is the “Homesteader in Chief” over at Pioneer Settler (www.PioneerSettler.com) where she helps people of all levels learn about homesteading, grow their knowledge, and become more self-sufficient. She grows all of her own food and raises her own rabbits as both a food source and a way to make extra money.So don’t wait, buy Raising Rabbits – The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Profitable Rabbit Business today!