Start with Humility
Title : Start with Humility
ISBN : 1944338004
Author : Merwyn A. Hayes,Michael D. Comer

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Start with Humility discusses the true meaning of humility, and why it is a key to successful leadership. The book describes the characteristics of humble leaders, and tells the stories of five individuals who have succeeded as humble leaders. Each chapter includes leadership lessons, a leadership self-assessment, and leadership actions that you can write down and implement. “I found this book to be filled with practical examples that can help anyone who has or wants to develop a management approach that brings out the best in people.” -Steve Tritch, Chairman, Westinghouse Electric Company, and Chairman, University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees. “Start with Humility provides excellent insight into what it takes to be a successful leader. The coaching tips, real-world examples and self-assessment exercises, provide practical assistance in making the journey from management to leadership.” -D. Jamie MacDonald, Senior Vice President, Quintiles Transnational Corporation.