Building a Brand: The 7 Important Steps
Title : Building a Brand: The 7 Important Steps
Author : James Stevens

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Ready to build--and maximize--the long-term value of your brand?Starting your own business is an excellent step to financial freedom. To attain this financial freedom, your business needs to be successful. You may have gone to business school and acquired all the skills that you can to ensure that your operations are smooth, and that you are working with a plan that will lead you to growth and profitability within three or so years. Even with this plan, creating relationships with customers and propelling your business forward could prove challenging. This can all be attributed to having a weak brand.A brand is an essential component of your business as it ensures that you have an identity that differentiates you from all other similar products in the market. When you have a brand, it becomes easier for you to attain growth over the long term as you can develop your brand with time.A brand will embody certain aspects of your business, including what your product or service represents, the team that are working for you, and what your business values. It is essential for communicating to both your external audience, as well as those who are working within your business.To get started with creating your brand, you need to follow the 7 distinct steps that are outlined in this book. Doing so will lead you to success, and ensure that at the end of the process, you have an identity for your business that will stand the test of time.