Stepbrother with Benefits 7 (Second Season)
Title : Stepbrother with Benefits 7 (Second Season)
Author : Mia Clark,CJ Bloom,James Cavenaugh

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Bad boys love bad ideas. It's kind of their thing, isn't it? Ethan's no exception. Rule Number Seven - I don't care what you've done before. It doesn't matter. It's about what you want to do now. I'm really bad at being a good girl, aren't I? I blame Ethan. He's corrupting me. It's the perfect excuse, but I'm not sure how much longer I can keep using it. "I think that's what bad boys do, though," I say, playing Devil's Advocate. "It's in your job description: Be as rude as you can, as often as possible." "Maybe," he says. "How about good girls? What are they supposed to do?" "Become corrupted by bad boys," I say. "Haven't you even read the bad boy handbook, Ethan? Gosh!"