Love Won't Leave Me Out Either
Title : Love Won't Leave Me Out Either
Author : CJ Moody

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Courtney Daniels has loved Dylan McDougal, one of her best friends, since high school, even with her reservations on love. Courtney’s reservations on love run deep. Her parents died on 9/11 at the Pentagon while she was in high school. Her mothers’ sister became her guardian. Her aunt was totally different from her parents. She was the life of the party, single and a free-spirit. Being in her aunts’ custody, Courtney got to live in a world totally different from the one that she was accustomed too. Yet, she found comfort in a young man named Akil Payne.Dylan McDougal has loved Courtney Daniels since high school as well, but his fear of another broken heart after his father’s mysterious disappearance made him go from hot to cold when it came to giving his whole heart to Courtney. His life within the Devil’s Den Council as the fixer kept him away from Courtney for months at a time. Keeping his distance from Courtney was harder that Dylan could imagine. His heart started battling with his mind. Trying to run from the love his soul desperately craved had made Dylan unfocused and missing key factors within in his career as the fixer. As Dylan is battling with himself, he allowed Martin Manchester Jr. in the door. When Dylan comes home for the McDougal Farmer’s Ball and sees Courtney with Martin Jr, he’s pissed. If that is not enough to make his blood boil, the Devil’s Den Council is in the midst of getting government funding and Martin Manchester Sr. is the key to receiving the green light. But when the Devil’s Den Council finds out Martin Manchester Sr. has plans to link-up with the Black Omerta to flood the city with drugs and guns, Courtney is in the crossfire, and all hell breaks loose. Will Dylan and Courtney find happily ever after? Will Courtney fall into the hands of Akil or become caught up in the Manchester’s web?