Infinity: Based On A True Story
Title : Infinity: Based On A True Story
Author : Shanora Williams

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I am going to die.I can't change or fix it.It is just something that is bound to happen.I have fought for so long that all I want to do is give up, but I can't because I have a sweet, devoted husband.I have a sister, who I am deathly afraid to leave behind because I am all the family she has left.And then there's Maximilian Grant--the ex that I can't seem to shake or get rid of.I want to remain a warrior, but when what's left of my life is tested, and my love life becomes a jumbled up mess, all I can think is one heart shattering thing.How can I leave this world peacefully knowing not only is there one man that would die for me, but two?**INFINITY is a standalone novel that is based on a true story. It is a very heavy and very deep story, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.**