The Blank Book (Serendipity, Indiana 4)
Title : The Blank Book (Serendipity, Indiana 4)
Author : Magdalena Scott

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USA TODAY Bestselling Author Magdalena Scott invites you to “Come to Serendipity, and believe in the magic of Love!” Alice Williams’s calm, predictable world changed in an instant. Most everybody in the small town of Serendipity, Indiana has rallied around her, and Alice's new life is beginning to take shape. But something is very wrong. A girls’ night out results in an unusual writing project, for which Alice chooses an antique leather-bound blank book. The story she's begun to pen starts to alter her reality, and that of the man she has met only in her dreams.Movie star Robert Diamond doesn't want anything to do with Alice, or with her little hometown. His only reason for coming to Serendipity is to put an end to the life-altering dreams he's having. Dreams that feature a woman who looks just like Alice...Only by working together can they uncover the secret behind the Blank Book, and create the future each of them wants.Writer’s block can be maddening when you’re literally writing the story of your life.***Readers who liked EMILY’S DREAMS (Book #2) will love THE BLANK BOOK, as both contain an element of women’s fiction as well as sweet romance. THE BLANK BOOK (Book #4 in the Serendipity, Indiana series) is a wholesome, heartwarming small town romance. As with all of the Serendipity books, this story also has a hint of mystery, and a surprise ending.***PLEASE NOTE: This book has been completely rewritten and updated from its first publication by Resplendence Publishing LLC, in 2008.