Mystery: Quest for Justice: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Thriller Mystery)
Title : Mystery: Quest for Justice: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Thriller Mystery)
Author : James Kipling

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Detective Tammy Williams, a young newbie detective, is silently wishing for an exciting assignment when a strange man walks in and confesses to be the Minot Hacker. It is the night the town is observing the twentieth anniversary of the unsolved Minot murder mystery. Tammy interviews the man and suspects that he might be lying. Tammy conducts more interviews and investigations. She experiences a “Eureka moment” and everything becomes clearer. She calls a meeting of the victims family members to announce that she knows who the killer is. Who could be the Minot Hacker? After solving the Minot Hacker case, Tammy is requested to investigate another cold case. Tammy works her way through extensive research involving a man that seems to fit the role of a serial killer, only to discover that things are not quite what they seem. She works endless hours and interviews many witnesses, racing against time and trying to piece the puzzle together to solve the string of murders so the families of the victims can find peace. However bringing the suspect to justice proves more complicated than she imagined. Will Tammy solve the murder mystery just like the previous one? Or will the killer get away with murder this time?After completing the above assignment, Tammy travels to Europe for holidays. Her relaxing holiday takes a sinister turn when a murder takes place during the visit to an iconic landmark. Join Tammy on her holiday in Europe as she tries to solve another murder mystery. Read through the twists and turns of horror, suspense, and mystery.Life seems to settle down to a normal pace for Tammy after her return from holidays. However, she is unhappy that none of the suspects in the “buried remains” case were convicted for the murders. Unexpectedly caught in a bar with families of the victims and fellow off-duty police officers, Tammy ends up being thrust into a situation she never saw coming. In a surprising turn of events Tammy has to rely on the help of an old friend to figure out the case that might change the direction of her life.