Closet Most Tempting: Romance Mystery (The Seamstress Series #2)
Title : Closet Most Tempting: Romance Mystery (The Seamstress Series #2)
Author : Paige Turner

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Elisabeth has been welcomed in to the lovely Lovelace chateau by her dearest friend and lover the Countess Adelaide. Together they spend their time together, sewing to create an original inspired collection of gowns and dresses that they plan to show to all of London’s high society. While they attend balls, tea parties and soirées Adelaide’s husband is drinking himself into a stupor every night, being led home by his close companion Thomas. Thomas has also taken up residence at the chateau, leaving the foursome to be seen as a solid group out and amongst the socialites. Little do they realize that their inner kept secrets are not so secret after all and word begins to spread that the Lovelace marriage is not as solid as it may seem and that Thomas and Elisabeth may be starting their own romance within the chateau walls.Follow the four as they muddle their way through the truth, each finding their own answers in their own ways to benefit their own needs. We find a couple falling in love and one sailing apart, while another is lost in the frustration of romantic limbo. Travel with them through the ups and downs in an array of fashion, dancing, drinking and assumptions. Until the end when a marriage is saved, a friendship is kept and a man is left questioning his truest desire for a woman who is not of his social standing and has been returned to her own station in life.