High Interest: Book Three (High-Stakes Billionaires)
Title : High Interest: Book Three (High-Stakes Billionaires)
Author : Leigh James

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The stakes are high when love is on the line...The race to launch the patch is on. But with enemies at every turn, it's starting to resemble Survivor--the billionaire Silicon Valley edition.Lauren Taylor has overcome her workaholic tendencies and shyness to finally commit to a relationship with Gabriel Betts. Their relationship satisfies her in a way that nothing else can. With her invention about to launch and Gabe by her side, she's ready to move forward with her life.Gabe will do anything for Lauren, including going to jail to keep her protected. The one thing Gabe won't do? Let Lauren put herself in harm's way. Unfortunately for him, Lauren has an agenda of her own, and protecting the people she loves is the first thing on it.With stakes this high, can Lauren and Gabe's love truly conquer all?