KENNICK: A Bad Boy Romance Novel
Title : KENNICK: A Bad Boy Romance Novel
Author : Meg Jackson

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From bestselling author Meg Jackson...Kim’s breath caught in her throat as she saw the first man enter. Kennick. He was smiling distractedly as his brothers filed in after him, his strong profile making her want to squirm in her seat.Some call them Roma, some call them Gypsies, and most people know them as no good; it's a hard time to be a Romani. The Volanis brothers, particularly Kennick Volanis, know this better than anyone.No one in the town of Kingdom is happy when the Romani settlement arrives in town. But the problem falls into the hands of Kimberly James. She's the mayor's assistant, and it's up to her to revitalize the town.From the moment she sees the brothers, and Kennick in particular, she feels an irresistible attraction. Then she realizes, maybe the Roma aren't her problem. Maybe they could be her solution.Sexy full-length bad boy novel, with a HEA.