Shadow of the Empire (The Argosia Series Book 1)
Title : Shadow of the Empire (The Argosia Series Book 1)
Author : Angel Chavarin

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Balien and Embra, outcasts of two nations on the brink of war, find themselves forced to travel together for mutual survival. Soon they are drawn into an ancient game of power being played between immortal Dragons - whom the entire world had presumed extinct ages past. Upon discovering what was at stake, they must make their choice to put aside their differences and help recover an ancient talisman of enormous power, or forge their own path in the beautiful, savage world of Argosia.Across the sea to the south, an Empire founded by the Dragon Toravir has turned from its magical heritage and looked to the realm of science after her disappearance. The men of the Empire shun the use of magic, using instead their mighty legions and strange devices to achieve total dominance over the continent after long centuries of conquest. Darius, a Shadow of the Empire - spies and assassins trained to use a blend of alchemy and forbidden sorcery - is tasked with retrieving the any cost.