The Stringers
Title : The Stringers
ISBN : 1943549451
Author : T. J. Martinell

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Thinkers think. Readers read. Writers write. In a future where words and untruths are policed and punished, political corruption abolished, and anonymity on the Net has become a thing of the past, journalist apprentice Roy Farrington weaves his prose for the Meydenbauer Record. He’d be on the fast track to a satisfying life—if only it were that simple. At odds with the times and fed up with the disconnect, the seeds of Roy’s discomfort start to grow. Soon, rather than praising his Prizm, a cerebral computer implant able to access a history’s worth of information, he’s disgusted with the device. At his worst, he finds himself going out the way to make contact, real human contact, whenever possible, and that’s not normal. Either something’s wrong with Roy, or something’s wrong with the world. Can the twenty-two-year-old writer discover who’s painting his bigger picture before it’s too late, or will he become another pawn in the timeless and unending struggle for power?