Storm Holt (The Prophecies of Zanufey Book 3)
Title : Storm Holt (The Prophecies of Zanufey Book 3)
Author : A. Evermore

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“How can I run? How can I turn away and leave them all to their fate? I will stay with them. I will die with them.” ~ IssaThe Storm Holt… The ultimate Wizard’s Reckoning, where all who enter must face their greatest demons. No wizard knows of a woman who has entered and survived since the Ancients split the magic apart. Already demons and the strange white spear plague Issa’s mind, but to find her answers she must enter the Storm Holt and fight for her life to prove her worth to the most powerful magic wielders upon Maioria.Asaph loves her, but is his love unrequited? Perhaps another will love him as his attention is captivated by the beautiful and enchanting pale woman. The Cursed King and his Banished Legion return once more to the mortal world to end their curse, but all around them is bloody chaos and sorrow. The Shadow Demons sense the return of their ancient enemy, but in a vision brought to them by a raven, witness their own annihilation at the hands of the evil Demon Wizard. Without the help of the Shadow Demons, Issa cannot hope to survive the Storm Holt—and without the help of the Raven Queen, the Shadow Demons will be destroyed. If Issa does not make a pact with the demons, then both Maioria and the Murk are doomed.A young woman has the power to stop the darkness in this epic fantasy adventure. If you love fast-paced fantasy, strong female leads, richly detailed fantasy worlds, swords, magic and dragons—all with a touch of romance—then you will love this book.Scroll up and grab your copy today to embark upon this epic fantasy adventure.CAUTION: A. Evermore's The Prophecies Of Zanufey are for those of heart and soul who enjoy strong female protagonists, moralistic and vulnerable characters, magic, dragons and epic adventures set in vast fantasy worlds. If you are searching for soulful fantasy about heroines, then look no further.Described by readers as "Robert Jordan's The Wheel Of Time series with a female Chosen One." "Addictive," "beautifully wrought" adult epic fantasy about a heroine, sweeping worlds, dragons and magic that is "impossible to put down!"Praise for A. Evermore's The Prophecies Of Zanufey"Your books are better than David Eddings" ~Reviewer"This is a fantastic and gripping read. The storyline is both harrowing and hopeful in equal measure, very cleverly told. I want more, of course!" ~The Editor"I was hugely impressed by the scope and magnitude of this novel. A. Evermore's vision, imagination and stamina are inspiring." ~Goodreads"A beautifully wrought fantasy with every element you could ever crave in the genre. Heroines, Heroes, A dark lord, dragons, elves, magic aplenty. A wonderful introduction to a promising new series." ~Heather G"Fantastic work, the storyline is enthralling and the characters so well crafted. The problem will be that your readers will want more faster than you can produce the stories, I think.~Reviewer"At last, a fantasy novel that shines with warmth and provides good, old-fashioned escapism in spades. Heroes you can really care about in a fully-realised fantasy world, rich with culture and mythology. Couldn't put it down!" ~Amazon Reviewer