Terminals book two: Regression
Title : Terminals book two: Regression
Author : Thomas Cardin

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Jill’s transformation into a dragon is not yet complete. Nobody, not even the brilliant Lieutenant Abby Danson, knows how much more Jill will grow, but a primal beast lurks within the dragon, one she may not be able to control.The strike team of terminals has been set on a course which will begin to reveal the players in a much larger picture. The Red Event was not a random cosmic occurrence, but something done to the Earth for a purpose. All of the “lucky ones” may end up being pawns in a conflict between two ancient powers, while the rest of humanity become only victims.Destiny is one of those powers, and she’s claimed Jill as her own. The strike team is about to discover that some mythology is actually fact. How much of the truth can they unravel before the real conflict begins? Destiny’s enemy has created a monstrous champion of its own—a champion capable of destroying all of them.Including Jill.