Title : Maxine
Author : Katie Cord


In the post-apocalyptic community of McCarthy, Colorado, shy chubby misfit Maxine Massachusetts or as she is more commonly known to her classmates, "Mess-a-shits-ett", struggles to fit into a uniform society based on patriotism and perfectionism. If being socially awkward and physically imperfect weren't enough, she has the highest intellectual rank in school which garners the unwanted attention of teachers and administrators. But, when one of the most popular girls in school disappears and everyone including her best friends pretend she didn't exist, Maxine doesn't forget. She wants answers. To make matters worse, one swift smack across the face in gym class starts a transformation for Maxine from punching bag to beautiful monster. McCarthy will never be the same as Maxine struggles to unlock hidden truths while controlling her desire to devour everyone in her path.