Theocracy: Book 1.
Title : Theocracy: Book 1.
Author : Doug Dandridge

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Thousands of Years After the Fall of the Galactic Empire, Tech is Making a Comeback, and the Barbarians Are Now on the Move.On One Terraformed Moon a Monk has Discovered Some of the Ancient Tech, and, More Importantly to Outsiders, the Ability to Access the Hidden Secrets of the AncientsPatrick O'Hara is a young monk on the eave of his first battle. His moon, Vasus, is experiencing ever intensifying quakes as it approaches the Roche limit of the gas giant Brahma. Vasus will be gone in a decade, something the people who live on it cannot imagine. Patrick wields a sword and shield of ancient technology, taken from a room which only his touch could access. He is not prepared when demons come from the sky to wipe out the army of his nation and capture his brother, who they mistakenly identify as the key to the ancient tech. Found dying on the battlefield by a beautiful agent of the Republic which is the Theocracy's enemy, saved from certain death by her genetically engineered cat, he finds himself caught up in a war between two powers, both determined to get back to the stars to forge empires. Can he help the Republic defeat their evil enemies, and in the process discover how to save the only world he has ever known?Set in the Universe of The Deep Dark Well, a dozen years after the novel Deeper and Darker, this story follows one of the many struggles occurring in a Galaxy of tens of thousands of intelligent species and tens of millions of inhabited planets. Cultures are struggling to rise, some to dominate their worlds, some to control their star systems, and some to forge interstellar empires. But not everyone can win, there must be losers. Which will be which can only be determined in the struggle.The second trilogy of The Deep Dark Well begins, in a Galaxy in which courage and determination will mean as much as technology in determining the fates of civilizations.Scroll up and grab a copy today.