They Said it would be Easy (April Book 7)
Title : They Said it would be Easy (April Book 7)
Author : Mackey Chandler

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The nation of Home seems to be safe beyond the moon, but life is hardly certain. Earth still is a huge influence and far too big for Home to affect to any degree. The Earthies have their own problems and Home can't be of much help. Sometimes when your neighbors are crazy and bent on ruin all you can do is watch in horror and protect yourself. Life goes on and things do get easier as adjustments are made. Of course when things return to normal not all those adjustments will just go away. April and her partners Jeff and Heather support Home, but not with a blank check. A lot of Earthies want to join them, but growth in business and actual places to put them can only happen so fast. Even in interesting times life goes on. People still get married, go to work, and want to have a good time. It is suggested if you haven't read the earlier April series books the characters and events in the seventh book of the series will be much richer and meaningful if you read the others as a base first.