Hunter (Legend of the Silver Hunter Book 3)
Title : Hunter (Legend of the Silver Hunter Book 3)
Author : Kethric Wilcox

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Nobody ever tells you how hard it is to become a legend.When Cory Cooper came to Maine with his boyfriend, Kieran Belle, to meet the family, he never imagined the chaos that would engulf their summer break. The seeming safety of the Oisín compound has been shattered. Kieran’s grandfather, the powerful Silver Witch is dead and Kieran has been severely injured fighting off the shifters who invaded his family home.The dark forces arrayed against the young lovers aren’t the only forces in opposition to their quest for Happily Ever After. Camille Belle, reigning matriarch of the shifter hunting House of Beauty, and Kieran’s maternal grandmother, also stands in their way. Can these descendants of rival houses over come the forces that oppose them or is this version of Beauty and the Beast doomed to repeat the sad ending of the past?The conclusion of the Legend of the Silver Hunter series. A Gay Romance retelling of Beauty and the Beast.