Hard Climb: Swim Bike Run (SwimBikeRun Book 2)
Title : Hard Climb: Swim Bike Run (SwimBikeRun Book 2)
Author : Kate Pavelle

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"When it feels like it's us against the world, let's not forget the friends that have our backs."Jesse and Sebastian are together now – or are they? Sebastian wages a murky corporate battle on his own. When his distance and stress turns Jesse into a mess, Jesse’s boss Tyler remembers what his own break-up with Sebastian felt like. He pulls a few strings to help Jesse, he hits Sebastian with a clue-bat. His intervention works wonders, but the sense of harmony is just a calm before the storm.Sebastian’s plan to ease into living with Jesse openly dies as he’s outed and black-mailed. The ground under his feet crumbles. From a business suit to cheap construction boots, his life of privilege in a conservative family business falls apart and only Jesse and the constancy of triathlon training keeps him sane. Sebastian’s goals are clear: They won’t be homeless. They’ll make ends meet. For Jesse, he’ll do anything.