Touch and Spark
Title : Touch and Spark
Author : D.J. Heart

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BradyDon’t listen to Jake. I do not have a crush on The Mask. What does he know, anyway? He’s just my best friend since before I can remember. Okay, so The Mask might have awesome powers, the body of a Greek God, and a mouthwatering habit of dressing up in head to toe leather, but that doesn’t mean I have a crush on him. I just think he’s interesting, that’s all. And if seeing him on the news, all dressed up in his clingy suit with his muscles bulging everywhere gets me a little hot and bothered, well… no one has to know. JohnAll I wanted was to cause a little trouble for the Special Abilities Registration Authority. Just some payback for brainwashing me and forcing me to do their dirty work all those years ago. Kicking the wasps nest, as it were. The last thing I expected was to bump into my spark. Literally. Not that I’m displeased. Brady is cute as hell, just the right amount of submissive, and the way he looks at me makes me feel ten feet tall. He's everything I never knew I needed, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. After I get the Special Abilities Registration Authority off our tail, that is...(This book was previously released as Under the Mask.)***“Sorry about that,” a familiar voice said. I looked up, a luminous pair of jade eyes staring down at me. It was The Mask, only this time his face was bared. “It’s you,” I said. My mouth was open and I was gawking, but I didn’t care. I reached out my hand to touch him. He was just as big as I remembered, but he’d exchanged his leather suit for a loose pair of sweats and a zipped up hoodie. The hood was pulled up, shielding his face. On his feet was the most obnoxious pair of high tops I had ever seen. Bright yellow, with lime green laces. It made me smile. “It’s me,” he replied, grinning. He was handsome, with sharp cheekbones and a heavy jaw – the latter now covered with stubble that hadn’t been there the last time I saw him. His nose was aquiline and distinguished, his brow pronounced and ridged with three deep lines. Wide lips parted in a grin to reveal two rows of shiny white teeth. I studied his face, my hand brushing the fabric of his hoodie. It was really soft, but the body underneath was rock hard. “We need to go,” The Mask said, reaching out and taking my hand. He put on a huge pair of sunglasses. “Is that okay?” I nodded. The mask – I needed to find out his real name as soon as possible – pulled me out of the terminal and into the street, walking down until we were past the departures area and across the road. After a few minutes I realized he was leading me towards the airport hotel. “We just need to get away from all the cameras,” The Mask said, squeezing my hand. His fingers were smooth and uncalloused, but strong. I liked the way my whole hand fit inside his grip...