The Cross and the Curse (Bernicia Chronicles) (Volume 2)
Title : The Cross and the Curse (Bernicia Chronicles) (Volume 2)
ISBN : 1518882587
Author : Matthew Harffy

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BRITAIN 634 A.D. Before The Battle of Hastings. Before Alfred fought the Danes. Even before England. Warlords battled across Britain to become the first King of the English. When Beobrand's valour brings about a stunning victory against the native Waelisc, the King of Northumbria rewards him with riches and land. Beobrand wishes for nothing more than to settle on his new estate with his bride. But he soon finds himself beset with enemies old and new. He even fears that the power of a curse has him in its grip, as he begins to lose all he holds dear. With treachery and death surrounding him, Beobrand confronts his foes with cold iron and bitter fury. On his quest for revenge and redemption, he grudgingly accepts the mantle of lord, leading his men into the darkest of nights and the bloodiest of battles. The Cross and the Curse is the second novel of the Bernicia Chronicles.