Madam Cocaina 3: A Queen Pin's Story
Title : Madam Cocaina 3: A Queen Pin's Story
Author : Fatima Munroe

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Josefina continues her story in Madam Cocaina 3, where she finds that not all is as it seems to be. Montrell’s twin, Bunzie attempts to use her for his own personal gain, but she quickly puts a stop to his assumptions. While at her home in Ecuador, she discovers pertinent information that has the potential to change life as she knows it. Tasha’s family starts popping up out the woodwork once they find out about her untimely passing, and Ju-Ju, as her only heir, has to deal with the repercussions while she mourns the death of her first love. Montrell resurfaces from out of the blue, and Ju-Ju discovers Bunzie’s true intentions.While packing up her mother’s things, Ju-Ju discovers that she has an older brother, whom she never knew existed. Once they reconnect, they join forces and wreak havoc on her enemies. Josef’s alter ego has a reputation throughout South America that strikes fear in the hearts of the most hardened criminal, but he has a true unconditional love for the sister he never knew he had.Deonte and Phoebe experience their own tribulations as the power couple who conquered Wall Street by day and supplied the kingpins at night. Deonte’s past comes back with a vengeance when his wife gets a phone call from someone who has hated her from across the country. Phoebe enlists Ju-Ju’s assistance to take care of the threat to her family. When the dust settles, Phoebe is the last one standing triumphant.Throughout everything that Montrell has put Josefina through, he took comfort in knowing she loved him unconditionally. But when she runs into King Tee at the Mall of Short Hills, his overall presence stays with her. A night with Terrance leaves her at a crossroads, and she begins to question her relationship with her husband. Her strong Colombian morals tells her to stay with her husband no matter what, but her heart says something else. Montrell notices the changes in his wife, and he doesn’t like it. Jealousy consumes him in the end, and he does the unthinkable. Will Ju-Ju leave, or does she stay to be with her husband? All is revealed as Josefina walks you through her world in Madam Cocaina-La Reina es Colombia.