Power Forward (M/M Hockey Shifter Romance)
Title : Power Forward (M/M Hockey Shifter Romance)
Author : Wolf Specter

[DOWNLOAD] Power Forward (M/M Hockey Shifter Romance)

The closet's a tough place to be for a pro hockey player...Rising star Blair Boyer can't stand his new teammate. He's loud, arrogant, and thinks that just because he's big he can throw his weight around. But Blair has bigger problems to worry about, like trying to hide his sexual orientation from his teammates.Separated from his pack, a lone alpha whose wolf is slowly going mad...Nikita Tarasov: brash, tattooed, Russian. He's the latest acquisition of the Seattle Breakers hockey team, but he's hiding a secret that can't get out. He's a lone wolf, an alpha separated from his pack. And that separation is driving the wolf inside him crazy.Then Blair makes a discovery that could get him killed.Blair and Nikita butt heads at first, but it's undeniable: they have incredible chemistry on the ice. And maybe off it, too. Until Blair accidentally stumbles over Nikita's secret one night. Now the man he was determined to ignore holds Blair's life in his claws.As the attraction between them slowly develops and sizzles, Blair has a lot to worry about: there's a reporter sniffing around, his werewolf teammate might murder him, and he has to hide his entire life from his team. Sooner or later it's all going to come crashing down...Power Forward is a 45,000 word stand-alone short novel with NO CLIFFHANGER. Contains plenty of hard-hitting hockey action and steamy scenes between an alpha wolf shifter and his chosen mate.