Rome: Tempest of the Legion (Sword of the Legion Series)
Title : Rome: Tempest of the Legion (Sword of the Legion Series)
Author : R. Cameron Cooke

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Quinquereme and heavy ballistae adorn the stage of this seaborne adventure, another thrilling episode in the tales of Lucius Domitius, soldier of Rome...49 - 48 B.C., Adriatic Sea – Embroiled in civil war, the Roman Republic struggles to survive. Caesar with half of his army is afoot in Greece, hoping to draw the forces of Pompey and the Senate into battle. Left behind to convalesce in the vile city of Rome, Centurion Lucius Domitius desperately seeks any means to return to his beloved Tenth Legion. Coaxed by Rome’s Master of Horse, Marc Antony, into accepting a seemingly simple mission, Lucius embarks aboard a convoy of reinforcements. But before the transports can make landfall, they run headlong into a devastating winter storm and the ram-tipped war galleys of the blockading Optimates fleet. Lucius finds himself a prisoner aboard the enemy flagship, forced to stroke an oar, and doomed to live the rest of his life as a slave. But it is not long before Lucius realizes he has far more menacing troubles than the sting of the overseer’s whip. He discovers Antony's purported simple mission has a deadly purpose – one that involves a shadowy brotherhood bent on establishing itself as the new ruling power in Rome. Amid battle on land and sea, Lucius must foil their designs before the fates of Caesar and the army, as well as his own, are sealed…