A Love I Can't Hide
Title : A Love I Can't Hide
Author : AC Taylor

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When it comes to love, Irulan Daniels has absolutely no problem finding a man to give her that. But when it comes to her giving the same in return, she falls short. Irulan wants to feel a connection, but all she keeps getting is relationships full of emptiness. After tying on one too many drinks, a simple joke turns into a bet that Irulan never intended to follow through on. Falling for one of her closest friends was not in the cards for her, especially since that friend is Mason Andrews. Mason Andrews is strong, confident and as handsome as they come, but he struggles in the love department. He has yet to find a woman that can give him everything that he needs, but he’s working overtime to hide the way he feels about a certain someone. Mason has known Irulan since they were teenagers and he’s trained himself to believe that there’s nothing romantic between them, but one night of curiosity proves him wrong. Now, Irulan and Mason are forced to deal with their feelings for each other, but a past fling is determined to keep them apart. With trouble on the horizon, Mason and Irulan must fight harder than ever before. Will they be able to handle what’s coming their way? Or will their happily ever after end before it even begins?