Love Walks In (Aloha Series Book 7)
Title : Love Walks In (Aloha Series Book 7)
Author : Chris Keniston

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The USA TODAY Bestselling LOVE WALKS IN brings you a heartwarming story you won't want to miss Annette Deluca believes you only get one chance at the love of a lifetime. It's up to Michael Becker and his young autistic son to prove her wrong.NOTE TO READERS: This expanded version of Love Walks In contains an epilogue not available in the bestselling holiday boxed set version.Sit back, kick off your shoes and prepare to fall in love with the Aloha Romance Series:Aloha Texas: Book 1 : Nick and Kara Almost Paradise: Book 2 : Billy and AngelaMai Tai Marriage : Book 3 : Jim and Lexie Dive into You : Book 4 : Doug and EmilyLook of Love : Book 5 : Dan and Maddie Love By Design : Book 6: John and Ava Love Walks In: Book 7: Annette and MichaelShell Game : Brooklyn's storyPraise for the Aloha Series: " Chris Keniston combines drama, humor and heart-stirring romance into a winning tale. This book took me on a wonderful ride. I fell in love with ALOHA TEXAS and you will too! "...USA Today bestselling author Molly Cannon "ALOHA TEXAS by Chris Keniston is pure dessert to read. Sympathetic characters and snappy writing from this contemporary romance author kept me completely riveted." ... New York Times Bestselling author Lindsay McKenna" If you're a fan of contemporary romance that depicts real people dealing with real problems written in a way that steals your heart, don't miss ALOHA TEXAS -- its a real gem! " ... New York Times Bestselling author Jane Graves.New York Times Bestselling Author Lindsay McKenna on the Aloha Series: "If you want to fall in love with wonderful characters, every book in the Aloha Series is like the whipped cream and cherry on top of the perfect dessert."Don't miss out on this wonderful series of Love, Family, and Friendship that will make you laugh, cry and hang on to the edge of your seats. Fans of other popular sagas such as Barbara Freethy's the Callaways or Bella Andre's the Sullivans will fall in love with the Aloha Series