HvZ: Bundle (M/M Gay Sports Paranormal Romance COMPLETE)
Title : HvZ: Bundle (M/M Gay Sports Paranormal Romance COMPLETE)
Author : Noah Harris

[DOWNLOAD] HvZ: Bundle (M/M Gay Sports Paranormal Romance COMPLETE)

HvZ - The Complete Book Series! ** Book List **HvZ: All OutHvZ: All SeasonHvZ: All GameHvZ: Ripping Into The DarknessLucas Brown is a young werewolf who just finished his first semester at Salem State University. He aced all his classes, said goodbye to his psychic best friend, and played a last successful Human versus Zombies game of the year. Now it’s time to go home for the holidays and forget about Salem for a little while. Except, his werewolf boyfriend just admitted to him that he plans to spend his Christmas alone on the empty school campus and has done so for the past three years... Now Lucas is driving home with Dean Gray in the passenger seat, and his parents are more than excited to meet the alpha that he’s brought home. The only problem is, Lucas never told them that he and Dean are dating, and he plans to keep it that way. Too bad it’s going to be next to impossible with his horny werewolf boyfriend constantly stealing kisses. DISCLAIMER: This book contains sexually explicit content that is intended for a MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY. GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!