Poems, Reflections and Praises
Title : Poems, Reflections and Praises
Author : Rachel Nkyete Nyambi

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This collection of inspirational poems about faith, hope and love may be used as praises, including sung praises. They celebrate life and its challenges, searching for “why” in the times of trouble, grief, nostalgia, joy and peace that come with surrendering to God. They also give thanks to God for always being there despite our imperfect nature as His children. One of their characteristics is the writer’s consciousness of the limited time and seasons of God’s creation versus the eternity of God the Creator—the transient state of the world versus the unchanging nature of God. The writer combines lyric poetry with a modern approach that is flexible in terms of form, rhyme and rhythm. It is influenced by tonal language, a rhythm used for centuries in sub-Saharan Africa, China, Vietnam and a great part of Eastern Europe. Their focus on spiritual and religious themes portrays the writer’s feelings, state of mind, and perception and, as such, may touch the emotions of its readers who can personally relate with the words of the poems or with the lyrics of the songs.