Mist Palace Hall Two
Title : Mist Palace Hall Two
Author : Adam Boustead

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Poems inspired by recollections.What Good Read reviewers say:“Great book for dipping in and out of when you have time – Some of the tales left me wanting to know more - what happened next???”“This book is like viewing modern art” “The narratives are extremely descriptive, with excellent evocations of color, texture and light play”“An interesting mix of poetry and short storries. Most of them leaving you with a slightly off kilter feeling.”“I enjoyed Dragon Fireside tales! I felt like I was sitting around a campfire listening to my friends tell spooky stories. The poems and short stories were creative, fun, and a bit twisted. I didn’t like every tale, but I loved enough of them to give it 5 stars.”“Many of the stories are very creative and interesting, some have some good twists at the end that make them even more gripping. Often there are characters with mythological qualities, or magical skills.” “Refreshing in its own way”