Rising With Splendour
Title : Rising With Splendour
Author : Gurnoor Kohli

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"During the winter of her last high school year, poet Gurnoor Kohli found her voice. However, she not only discovered her own poetic muse but the muse of the world around her. She likes putting herself in other’s shoes in order to understand how they feel, which is why her debut collection, Rising with Splendour, is relatable to all. In her poem, “Be Audacious,” Kohli voices the need to be bright and brave: I coat power on my lashes, And blood on my lips. I dust confidence on my cheeks and, Shimmer on my lids. While I sip on credibility, I taste success, High on the heels of invincibility, I wear burnished august as my dress. She believes we all have the power to rise, but if we rise without splendour, we don’t rise at all. Matters of life resound differently through the emotions of us all, and yet, we each have experienced the need to be brave and uplifted. Emotions cause pleasure, pain, and confusion—sensations we all easily share. Despite the bad, find the good in yourself and others as you make your climb toward the light and find grace and glory your companions."