Pieces of My Reflection
Title : Pieces of My Reflection
Author : JustasPoetic

[DOWNLOAD] Pieces of My Reflection

The words literally jump off the page and into your heart and mind; nostalgia at its best. Each poem takes you to a place frequently visited in the mind and reality, as it embodies just what the heart and soul hungers for. Taking you on a journey that is melancholy and reflective, the mood is set from start to finish. Pieces of My Reflection is a contemporary composition of poetry that gives you a glimpse into the thoughts of JustasPoetic and a preview of what’s to come for this modern day writer. If you follow closely, there is a story written of love that withholds an empathetic heart; plus the rage that exists towards the naysayers of the world, who never believed. The author carefully, but aggressively, introduces the inner voice that longs for the reality of fantasy and dreams, yet finds contentment and happiness in the roller coaster of emotions that exist in this journey called life.