Author : John K. Geraghty


Imagined Realities is a captivating collection of short stories and poetry that will keep you enthralled throughout. Spanning the depths of Swaziland and the rural Home Counties of England, these short stories capture the very essence of these contrasting locations and are a must for any reader who enjoys being transported off into another time and place. Each story has a colourful range of narrators and is perfectly unique – from scary old ladies, relentless bullies and brave young boys, to an immaculate conception, a trouble-making gossip who gets her comeuppance and a dreamy time traveller whose boundaries between fiction and reality are wonderfully hazy. These beautifully crafted and succinct stories are packed with drama, depth, mystery and excitement; many of which will have you smiling by the final twist in the tale. The poignant poetry sparks an abundance of contemplation, reflection and emotion, and is filled with a kaleidoscope of colourful visual imagery to set your imagination on fire. Tackling life, death, the human psyche and the bigger picture of life on earth, these fascinating poems will reach into the very depths of your heart and soul.