Rays from Above: Inspiration and Motivation
Title : Rays from Above: Inspiration and Motivation
Author : Angu Pride Bih,Awemo Pius,Ndokame Berklin,Tata Patrick,Tah Protus

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Rays from Above is an inspirational poetry book. It is a pathfinder for all young minds in search of knowledge, understanding and truth. Embedded in the words of this book are principles. The principles that govern life are timeless. They operate whether you are aware of them or not, and they do not care where you are from and how much or how little you know.In one man’s hands it may be just words but in another’s it is a tool for change. If you can meditate on them until you revelate, learn to master them and apply them, you will find greater degrees of success than you would without it.WHAT PEOPLE HAVE SAID ABOUT THE BOOK“Rays from Above” offers a unique experience for reading and experiencing poetry. Living a fulfilling life is the major focus for the author and developing sane principles for success is the challenge. The aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language are experimented with utmost diligence and evoke both exciting pleasure and profound introspection. Those who think poetry is so difficult need to read this collection for a new experience.Tangyie Suh-NforRenown Author & Principal G.B.H.S. BamendaRays is a tidy and reassuring array of beautifully framed pop for purposeful living. Its rolling rap-smacked language is sure to rivet the young reader in his/her sphere of flourish and bloom. Pride Angu’s first-step collection of poems is so mature that it promises so much ever after. This is certainly a collection of great relish and as the sub-title reads, it is for “inspiration and motivation”.Tata PatrickPatamae Research & Editing Consultancy