Exquisite Hours
Title : Exquisite Hours
ISBN : 1519645996
Author : Joshua Humphreys

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Anaïs Spencer travels the world lying to men. As an imperilled Mossad agent, an international aid worker, a Venetian countess dispossessed—for seven years her first-class flights and hotel suites have been paid for by the hapless men upon whom she subsists. But Exquisite Hours is a novel about a beautiful young woman who is tired of wandering. Confessions of love are becoming chronic. Anaïs is too often having to resort to her last line of defence—the rufie. In a matter of days she flees from Hong Kong to New York to Missouri to Bangladesh to Bangkok, at last to Venice, where she falls in love with her false-speaking match, a handsome young liar who survives by giving very fanciful city tours to very credulous tourists. But will her deceitful past allow Anaïs a happy future?