Lace & Lead (novella) (Novella) (Lawmen of the Republic Book 1)
Title : Lace & Lead (novella) (Novella) (Lawmen of the Republic Book 1)
Author : M.A. Grant

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Breathtaking action, startling originality and polished story-telling combine in this futuristic Sci-Fi novella about a rough mercenary, a pampered daughter, and the lies they both believe. Blue-blood Emmaline Gregson survived one of the most brutal mining accidents ever recorded in the Republic, but she's never been in a firefight. So when unknown assailants circle the family estate, the only man she can rely on is Peirce Taggart. A former Lawman turned mercenary, Peirce has a simple job: protect Emmaline until her father can collect her and sell her to sex trafficker Richard Stone to pay off his debts. But when Arthur Gregson tries to cheat his way out of the contract, Emmaline seizes the opportunity to hire Peirce for herself, regardless of how crude, dangerous, or appealing he may be. Given the chance for redemption, he promises to help her escape both her father and Stone. But Peirce soon realises that hiding her in his apartment until the storm has passed may be more dangerous than looking down the barrel of a gun...Praise for LACE & LEAD (NOVELLA):'Firefly in a Jar award (Best Space Western)...This is definitely the same kind of futuristic space western that Firefly brought to life' — SFR Galaxy Awards'There’s a lot of story packed into a relatively short novella, and it packs a surprising amount of emotional punch.' — Sci-Fi Romance Quaterly ‘The strength of the story is in the characters who are likeable and grab your attention, the action packed plot and the vulnerable romance…I would be interested in trying other works by Ms. Grant. I highly recommend this to readers who enjoy romance and action.’— Martha’s Bookshelf