The Emerald Ink
Title : The Emerald Ink
ISBN : 136448059X
Author : SR Clarke-Jennings

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Several thousand years ago, as Human beings became greedy and vile to the other races, a solution was put in place. Seven scripts were written in Emerald Ink to separate the Realms to protect them from each other. It is now the 21st century and those scripts are being hunted by one of its very authors; reincarnated with an axe to grind against humanity, hell bent on reuniting them for The Elementals and The Fae to get their revengeJovie Winter is an Earth Angel, not that she knows it yet. Her soul is eons old gifted with innate abilities such as truth seeing, telepathy and telekinesis. She is also gifted with an overactive imagination to predict the worst case scenario of every situation and she has a few anger issues to boot. She is soon to be recruited to play beat the hunter to those scripts. However in a world full of murder, torture and needless violence it would be tempting to be able to press reset. To keep the best souls to create a new race of kind, compassionate and loving human beings. If you could press reset would you?