Obsessed With Sadie: A Brooksville Tale
Title : Obsessed With Sadie: A Brooksville Tale
Author : Jude McKinnon

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Sadie Flanagan had it all. As an Olympic gold medal winning swimmer she had all the fame, and fortune a girl could want. With a fiancé from a proper family, she was on top of the world. Until one night when a madman dramatically changed her whole world leaving her with permanent scars both physical and otherwise. After surviving the serial killers deadly attack she restarts her life in Brooksville, Montana.Now determined to start over with a new everything she starts to rebuild with a new friend, a federal Marshall and the town Sheriff.The sheriff of Brooksville has fallen for Sadie, unaware of her secret past.But when the killer comes for her again, will she be able to survive a second time? Can she find love in the town's sheriff, who has vowed to keep her safe?With one man fighting to keep her alive, and another man fighting to end her life, all things come to a head in this lethal game of hide and seek she's been playing since that fateful night she got away... Sadie will soon see just how obsessed men can be over her.