Detective Danny Acuff, Book 2
Title : Detective Danny Acuff, Book 2
ISBN : B01AIZ8094
Author : Stan R. Mitchell

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Danny Acuff's marriage has gone from bad to worse, a woman has been killed in an expertly disguised hit-and-run, and the true -- and frightening -- extent of the corruption in Akin, Tennessee comes to light in Book 2 of the Detective Danny Acuff series.Bottom line: Danny's life is spiraling out of control, and he's headed toward trouble that could cost him his life if he doesn't back down soon.(Series Note: Fans of the hit TV series "Justified" should love every moment of this series, as should readers who enjoy James Patterson and Robert B. Parker's "Spenser series." This is part of an ongoing series. New books will be posted in this serial every few weeks, and each book is more like an episode on TV than a stand-alone book. Each book/episode takes an hour or so to read, and ends with a cliffhanger that -- hopefully -- causes you to want to buy the next one!)