Mercury Rising (Tin Can Mysteries Book 1)
Title : Mercury Rising (Tin Can Mysteries Book 1)
Author : Jerusha Jones

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When a body bumps against the dock just a few feet from Eva Fairchild’s floating house on the night of her welcome party at the marina, she begins to wonder if her recent move across the country was such a good idea. Combine the resulting murder investigation with mysterious nighttime kayak trips, politicians run amok, nosy neighbors, and culinary lessons for her blue-haired, teenaged tagalong, Willow Ratliff, and Eva has her hands full. It doesn’t help that the police detective on the case is handsome, annoying, and more than willing to match her snide remarks with witticisms of his own. Soon, Eva is a walking repository of other people’s secrets. It’s not a role she ever asked for, and it might just prove lethal.