Marian Maximalism
Title : Marian Maximalism
ISBN : 1601140746
Author : Jonathan A. Fleischmann Ph.D.

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About the book With careful and thorough documentation and reasoning, Jonathan Fleischmann aptly shows that it is indeed true that “we can never say enough” of the Blessed Virgin Mary and that, in staying close to her, we are also protected from error and heresy. Jonathan Fleischmann uses both a priori and a posteriori arguments, in accord with the thought of Blessed John Duns Scotus, to show that it is no mere poetic expression but a sober truth that we can never praise highly enough the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the course of the book, he provides a rich selection from the writings of canonized saints from every period of the life of the Church to illustrate their witness to the truth that one cannot praise highly enough the Immaculate Virgin. It is my hope and prayer that, through the study of Marian Maximalism, the Blessed Virgin Mary will draw you ever closer to her Heart, totally one with the Heart of Jesus, and, therefore, ever closer to the Heart of her Divine Son, Jesus Christ. May Marian Maximalism inspire its readers to an ever greater Marian devotion, and through devoted love of Mary, to an ever deeper knowledge of her Divine Son, to worship of Him alone “in spirit and in truth” (Jn 4:23–4), and to serving Him with an undivided heart. – Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke You will learn from this book... Contents Profound understanding of some fundamental reasons why people honor the Blessed Virgin Mary less than what is due to her objective dignity. An interesting discussion on the dignity of women and how the feminist movement tries to obscure it. An honest assessment of what the Second Vatican II Council really taught about the Blessed Virgin Mary. Philosophical and theological principles underlying Marian maximalism. A logical explanation of the famous axiom by Blessed John Duns Scotus in favor of the Immaculate Conception– an instance of maximalist’s foundation. Serious implications of Marian minimalism which the author coined as “Catholic insecurity” that is, tendency to heresy (e.g. about Grace and merit, eros and agape and his last chapter, “A Fox in the Hen House”). A compendium of saints and their writings on their magnificent witness to the exaltation of the glory and honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. These and more… This book is good for... Lectures as introduction to Mariology as means of clearing out prejudices regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary. Apologetics in defense of Marian devotions that appear “excessive” for some on the grounds of irrationality or fanaticism. General reference to numerous saying and quotation of the saints who exhibit exalted devotions to Mary both through their spiritual and theological writings.