Mail Order Bride: Bride and Baby Double Book Set
Title : Mail Order Bride: Bride and Baby Double Book Set
Author : Emma Morgan,Faith Johnson

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An Unwanted Baby and the Barren Mail Order BrideWhen Mary Walden first lays eyes on her new home, she is thrilled. Her relatives had warned her of the hardships of being a mail order bride, but it seems that her life with Thomas Frome will be free of strife and conflicts. But when the new couple finds a baby on their doorstep before they even embark on their life together, tension sets in. Mary, who has been told she is barren, is happy to have a baby to care for, but her new husband Thomas has made it clear that he does not want children. Mary believes Thomas is a good man, and she could grow to love him, but how can she give up this tiny baby—whom she has also grown to love?One tiny heart brings two broken hearts together in this story of second chances and love!A War-Born Baby and the Confederate Mail Order Bride With the War between the States ending and Sherman matching toward Savannah, Beth Graystone agrees to a desperate contract as a mail order bride. And when fate places her brother’s baby in her care—a baby born to a slave he loved dearly—she has no choice but to accept the path God has set her on. But this man she’s never met, and who she’s meant to marry, is not what she expected. John McCay is kind and brave, but carries a dark secret, and Beth senses his doubts and fears. As the raging winter and the Union soldiers threaten to steal their chance at happiness, it takes the innocence of a child to strengthen their fate and ensure their growing love.If you enjoy these stories, be sure to visit other books By Emma Morgan, author of the popular Benson Creek Mail Order Brides AndBy Faith Johnson, author of The Bound for Glory Mail Order Bride Series.