MAKE ME CREAM (Collection of **SIX** Hot, Steamy, Taboo Dirty Stories)
Title : MAKE ME CREAM (Collection of **SIX** Hot, Steamy, Taboo Dirty Stories)
Author : Sarah Sethline

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NOTHING tastes better than milk *straight from the source*!Can you HANDLE this hotness??WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU BUY OR BORROW:Forbidden Fertile FixationMike's been obsessed w/ fertile females ever since his wife was 1st pregnant by her ex-boyfriend. The fuller, milky breasts; the big, baby-filled belly... not to mention the hotter sex -- of which Mike didn't get to indulge in for very long.Now that Karen's bundle of joy is 18 & *all grown up*, Mike can't help but notice how pure and wholesome she is. When a co-worker claims to have read something about a "pregnant innocent", it plants a seed in his head, & he decides to go on a mission to plant his own... Little Brat's BIG JugsPoor little Laney. Her boobies aren't like any other girl's her age... they LEAK. Premature lactation is something she's had to deal with from an early age, but now that she's legal (barely), it's like the milk production has gone into overdrive. The man of the house tries to help his little brat with this problem by using a breast pump, but the thing just ends up hurting *his special princess* too damn much. He really has no choice but to take her tits into his mouth and milk them himself. Sucking his sexy brat quickly transforms into an addiction he'd rather die than give up. So when a new cream hits the market that promises to cure Laney of her condition, the man of the house decides he'd rather KNOCK HER UP than risk losing her *delightful drink*!TABOO Baby-2-Be... x3!19-year-old Jordan is living the dream: he has *full permission* to pound all 3 of the *hot, forbidden minxes* that reside under his roof, and WITHOUT PROTECTION. In fact, the lady of the house encourages it, wanting to keep her girls fucked and filled by only the best.There comes a point when each of his three fertile factories temporarily shuts down production... at the same time. Where will Jordan turn with his supply of seed when it's not in demand?NURSING HIM @ the Nursing HomeSlutty Heather had enjoyed one fuck too many, knocking her up at 19. Her 'rents freak and make her move out, causing Heather to lose the pregnancy from stress… but not the accompanying big tits. Her provider, Pam, notices the dark place Heather is going 2 & seeks 2 find something that'll be a more "productive" use of her time. Naturally, one of her first ideas is for her to share her company... @ a nursing home. "Company" is putting it mildly however, as the young slut ends up sharing her mouth, milky tits, & pussy, too!Debbie Does DairyThe cows @ the Henderson's dairy farm have stopped "putting out", & cowboy badboy Randy needs 2 find an alternative source... FAST. Luckily for him, the "girl he grew up with" knows a thing or 2 about producing milk, being that she's a formerly knocked-up slut with ** her own little calf ** 2 feed! This HUMAN DAIRY COW is about to become his very next CASH COW, all thanks 2 the *delightful drink* she packs tight in her tits, one that he's more than happy 2 extract himself...I Dream of Baby: BRAT'S FERTILE DEMANDSCarrie is a cute little untouched brat who takes her dreams very seriously. She keeps having this one recurring dream in particular; the one where her belly is round and pregnant & breasts overflowing and milky. The dream always leaves her feeling like a goddess… not 2 mention, incredibly wet.Carrie decides enough is enough -- she's going to make her dream cum true, literally. & she already has the **perfect man** picked out 2 fill her unfucked pussy w/ streams of his fertile seed… someone 2 take her HARD, FAST and UNPROTECTED… som