Menage: Make the Night Mine MMF Romance
Title : Menage: Make the Night Mine MMF Romance
Author : Samantha Wellshauna,JD McJohnson,STOIC PUBLISHING LLC

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Brady Winters and Miles Jackson grinned at each other. They had just gotten off the plane and walked into a tropical paradise. They had always dreamed of taking their first spring break in college together somewhere exotic and far away. Hawaii seemed like just the place. They looked at the beautiful beaches and lush green trees, and took deep breaths of the sweet ocean air. They had made it! Brady and Miles had been friends for as long as they could remember. They had done everything together. Their parents had been friends long before, so they were really close from the time they were tiny. As they aged, they shared everything, right from their crushes to their secrets. Sometimes, they would like the same girl and talk together about what it might be like to be with her. They were really open and honest with each other. When Brady had joined the hockey team, Miles had been not far behind. They ran drills together, and soon, they dominated every sport their school had to offer. The boys made a great team, in every way, and always had each other's backs. It was the best friendship either could have ever hoped for. And now, there they were together, on the sandy beaches of sunny Hawaii, ready to face another new experience together. It was going to be the best spring break they had ever had. And before long, they had tossed their bags into their hotel room and were chasing each other through the streets to view the beach for the first time.