Given to the Alpha
Title : Given to the Alpha
Author : Dalia Moans

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Sasha knew from an early age the power a beautiful woman held over men. Her mother was a woman of the night, specializing in satisfying a mans wildest fantasies. But as a teen, it had become evident her mother was shortsighted. Didn't see the fullpotential the power of beauty offered to one bold enough to take it.But Sasha wasn't her mom, and was bold enough to seize what her beauty had to offer. Making her move to get rich, she heads off to a hotel hosting a business meeting for someof the richest men in America. Her plan: manipulating men as the playthings they were.The only flaw in her plan? She had underestimated the power of a true man. A true Alpha. And her own shortsightedness left her a sitting duck for the demands of the Alpha whom she had to have. Had to be with, no matter the cost.And make no mistake, he had many demands.Demands she had never imagined a real man could have. Many of which involved watching as shefulfilled the desires of his business associates. And not one at a time. That was the scariest part to Sasha. Her rational mind protested such extremes. But her body. It cried out for more.Cried out that she wanted his demented demands as much as she wanted him. Cried out that maybe there were treasures more valuable than the money she had desired.