Caught in the Cheerleader's Terrible Trap!: A Twisted Tale of Forced Feminization
Title : Caught in the Cheerleader's Terrible Trap!: A Twisted Tale of Forced Feminization
Author : Mindi Harris

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A dark and twisted tale of a revenge-minded beautiful cheerleader who meticulously entraps a hapless young man. Before he can react, she has him quickly ensnared in her intricate, gender-bending scheme. Can he escape her plans to totally feminize him before it's too late? This 7,500+ word story is for age 18+ readers only. Contains sexual content including forced feminization, humiliation, cross dressing, bondage, female domination, chastity, and more! Do not buy, borrow, download, or read this book if fetish / erotic topics offend you or if you are under the legal age for such materials, if such materials are not legally permitted where you are, or if you are otherwise not legally allowed to possess such materials.Excerpt / adaptation:I hadn’t seen her for years, but I gasped as I recognized her. She was absolutely stunning, standing there, pouting at me seductively. She was leaning against her parents’ car, hip thrust out, throwing all kinds of attitude in a baby blue bikini. Her large, perky breasts were peeking around the tops and sides of her little top. She seemed about my height and weight, but on her it looked good.I was shocked. This was the skinny little twerp who’d had a crush on me 5 or 6 summers ago? Wow! She’d grown up...a lot! Looking at her, I again wondered why we fell out of touch. I deeply regretted rebuffing her ardent advances all those years ago, and I felt badly about teasing her back in the day.Lisa’s pout turned into a huge smile as she saw me. She brushed her hand through her long dark hair that flowed to below her shoulders, framing her heart-shaped face perfectly. Her legs were long, tanned, and toned. Her hips were curvy and nicely rounded. Mischief danced in her coal black eyes as she called out to me, “Hey Lee, remember me?” As I blinked at her, trying to speak, she swooped forward until she stood before me. “ of course I recognize you, Li-Lisa,” I stuttered. ***“So...what have you been up to lately, Lee? Are you Class President at Eastern High? Vice President maybe?” She asked.She clearly remembered my fascination with politics. Unfortunately, my complete lack of popularity made running for any school office impossible if not laughable. This made me feel inadequate, as I admitted that no I wasn’t involved in student government.“Oh I see,” she said thoughtfully, tapping her chin with a ruby red manicured nail, “I know! You’re a cheerleader like me!” she giggled.“Come on Lisa!” I tried not to whine, “you know we only have girl cheerleaders!”“...And your point?” she asked, her gaze lingering meaningfully on my chest.Blushing, I folded my arms to cover up my embarrassing mounds and glared at her.“Oh come on yourself!” she admonished, “you have a problem with cheerleaders?”***“The last time we were here together, you told me to meet you by the dock and promised to kiss me, remember? But instead, you pushed me into the water. My wet t-shirt became see-through, and you and your buddies laughed at the ‘mosquito bites’ on my chest, remember?” she asked. “Oh well water under the bridge, huh Leanne?” she went on, “anyway, about your penalty for not being as strong as a cheerleader. My mom picked me up after summer practice so I have my cheer uniform in the car....”I could see where this was going, and I tried to pull away, saying “No, Lisa!”Her fingers were too strong; however, and without much effort she pulled me inexorably toward her family’s white Honda Civic. “Oh yes, Leanne, you’re going to try on my uniform now, and because you agreed to doubling the bet, you’re going try out for cheerleading!" she said, her voice bubbling with excitement. ***Read more in this stimulating, exciting book!